GT4T CopiPasta remembers your copy history like all other clipboard tools do, but CopiPasta doesn't add extra keyboard shortcut to your system, instead it extend the existing CTRL+C and CTRL+V: You can still use them to copy paste as usual. If you hold CTRL a little longer at pasting using CTRL+V, you get a list of your copy history.

Copy/Paste is one of the most important feature of Windows because it's useful---and simple. CopiPasta keeps that simplicity while adding two essential features: 1) Remember copy history; 2) Allow you to paste either with format or without format.

GT4T CopiPasta is not beautiful (it uses standard Windows popup), and is not feature rich; it is a true clipboard extension that focuses on ease of use. To paste an item on the popup, you can 1) click it; 2) press the number before the item; 3) use Up/Down arrow to select and then hit Enter or Spacebar; 4) scroll your mouse middle button to select and click the middle button; whichever way you feel most comfortable with.

CopiPasta works with texts, images, and files. If you want to copy many files in different folders to one folder, CopiPasta can also help you as you don't have to swich back and forth between folders that much. Instead of doing copy/paste, copy/paste, copy/paste, with CopiPasta you do copy/copy/copy and then paste.

No one is like us.

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