Copy and then paste is probably the most often used feature in Windows because it's useful and simple. There is little point to make it way too complicated and load it with numerous options and choices. GT4T CopiPasta focuses on ease of use and rather than feature rich. It is just as easy as the usual copy/paste and only requests a slight change of your copy/paste routine.

It mainly does two things to extend the Windows clipboard: 1) remembering the clipboard history; 2) making it easier to paste with or without format.

Remembering the clipboard history

With GT4T CopiPasta, you either use CTRL+C or your mouse as usual to copy, but you don't have to paste in a hurry. You can continue to copy and CopiPasta will remember all your copied contents. When pasting, instead of using CTRL+V, you can use CTRL+` (the button below ESC, this shortcut can be redefined). Press, CTRL+`, you get a list of all your copied contents.

CTRL+` may seem a weired combination. Actually when you first install CopiPasta, you are greeted with three choices for the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+` (least likely to collide with other apps), WIN+v (similar to the usual CTRL+v), and Quickly Press CTRL twice (most convenient).

Paste with or without formats

To paste an item, 'John Smith' for example, you can press the corresponding number 4, or use UP/Down arrows and then press Enter, or click it with your mouse button, whichever you find convenient.

By default, the original format is preserved. If you want to paste plain text, press down "SHIFT" button while doing one of the actions above.

CopiPasta can also help copy/paste files!

This is cool stuff that I haven' found no other clipboard mangers do. In your windows File Manager, you can copy a file in one folder and paste it in another. When you want to copy files in different folders to one folder, you used to have to switch between the source folders and the destination folder back and forth many times. Using CopiPasta you just have to find them in different folders to copy and then paste in the destination folder.

And if you paste a file while holding down SHIFT, you paste the folder structure of that file.


GT4T CopiPasta doesn't want to be overloaded with options you almost never use, but it does have some self-explanatory options. Right clicking on the system tray icon you get:

Among those options, "Only remember CTRL+C and CTRL+X" means CopiPasta will only remember clipboard contents when you press the copy/cut keyboard shortcuts CTRL+C and CTRL+X. Turning this option on, if you select some text and right click on it, and then click 'copy', the text will not be remembered by CopiPasta. Turning it off, CopiPasta will remember all clipboards, either copies from keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks.

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